About us

CORTEQ derives its name from the term ‘core technologies’. We are working towards fulfilling our dream of becoming one of the leading investment IT companies in the region by investing in startups and innovative technologies. We also own a few subsidiaries which operate in the field of Information Technology.
Our business is an Uber-like platform that works to facilitate clients with efficient and efficacious services. At CORTEQ, we don’t outsource our services rather we escalate the solutions so that the problems don’t boil over.
CORTEQ abides by a 4T Philosophy – Time, Trend, Technology, and Team. Our concept is to incubate businesses to develop and invest in them. In simpler words, we recycle small ideas to generate a successful business.
At CORTEQ, we strongly believe that a company is built on human resources!

Who we are

We are a team of professionals that is always focused on improving the dexterity of its services. We are bound together by the following core values:
The interiors of CORTEQ have been designed keeping the RECYCLE concept in mind. RECYCLE is based on three values:


that the business activities in an open, transparent manner and engage stakeholders


the users adapt to meet new challenges


encourage, appreciate and reward excellence for users achieved

What We Do

CORTEQ helps its clients - IT developers, graphic designers, and entrepreneurs - with software publishing, app development, running ecommerce platforms, and investing in their startups.